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of what you get in a box of laundry detergent is chemical softeners and fillers.  Imagine how much money you would save, if it were only soap?





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Pure & Gentle

Pure & Gentle Cleaning with Conditioned Water




Pure & Gentle

Pure & Gentle Cleaning with Conditioned Water


Skin Care & Water


"Hair reflects 54% more light when washed in refined water, than in regular tap water", according to Life Magazine.  Certainly hair that is free of soap curd (chemical residues from water and soap) is more natural, it is fluffier and more lustrous, but what about skin?  Obviously when there is no soap or chemical residues on skin, it also becomes much softer and smoother.  Having refined water in the home, turns your shower, bath, and faucet into the best skin care spa that money can buy.  According to Betty Lou Day, the Chief Chemist from the Alberto Culver Company, "Mild soap curds are not easily removed from the skin and hair..." therefore even if one uses the very highest quality cosmetics, they will not produce the optimum results unless skin is being cleaned and nourished with refined water.  According to Ms. Day unrefined water "reduces the efficiency of cosmetic cleaning agents."  Vogue Beauty Editor, Jessica Canne states that "Water is the new star of beauty". 

     Having great looking skin is only one of the benefits that refined water offers the skin.  According to Dr. J. G. Barnett of the Orentreich Medical Group, "Refined water doesn't form calcium and magnesium soap curds, and bacteria die rapidly in soap and refined water."  He states that, "Tap water soap films and precipitates can be irritating to the skin, causing redness, itching and excessive dryness."  It makes perfect sense that pollution is a big cause of dry skin, however it is water that must be trusted to clean and rejuvenate your skin, if the water itself is laden with impurity it cannot renew health to skin.  Another extremely important requirement for skin, is to drink plenty of purified water.  Water is vital to rehydrating the largest organ in our body, our skin.  Many skin conditions can easily be reversed within a short time but using refined water.  And if men think that this is all about women's skin, then they should also know that, "Refined water even makes shaving easier because the curd deposits which dull razor blades are eliminated," this is according to Parents Magazine.

     Who would have thought that skin care could be so basic and easy, if you have not read about what goes into a lot of skin care products then you are in for a shocker, the truth of that matter is that most people in our chemical rich society use yet another concoction of chemicals to treat skin that is being compromised by chemicals.  During the 1990's I worked with Mr. Jeffrey Johns of Regal Research Laboratories in Richmond, BC.  The late Mr. Johns was an engineer, chemist, inventor and natural product advocate because so many of the skin care products he researched contained very harmful ingredients.  Some of the ingredients that go into skin care products would kill you in a matter of minutes if you were to breathe the fumes from them.  This in fact is what killed Mr. Jeffrey Johns, working in a laboratory and testing and being exposed to these chemicals finally took it's toll, but his research and concern for others has been carried on by many others.  Skin care products, tanning products etc are a major cause of skin cancer, that's the bottom line.  What purified water can do for the skin, nothing else is able, because that is the way are skin is designed to work with the natural world.  Say hello to purified water and goodbye to skin problems.  It's just that simple.


Pure & Gentle

Pure & Gentle Cleaning with Conditioned Water



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