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of what you get in a box of laundry detergent is chemical softeners and fillers.  Imagine how much money you would save, if it were only soap?





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When you are ready to install a water purification system in your home, we have the technical and mechanical resources to efficiently and cost effectively get the job done.  In many cases household water can be refined using chemical free systems, depending upon the contaminates in the raw water.  Our fully programmable ion exchange water filtration equipment optimizes cost and efficiency.  Selective reduction anion and cation resins for nitrates, organic colour, uranium or many other contaminates along with wide flow rate capabilities enables each unit to be specifically programmed to match your requirements.

     Using quality equipment also ensures that you have access to ongoing data, for easy monitoring.  Fully programmable features and easy access to components allows the technician to efficiently service and maintain the equipment.  Aquacare has access to both manufacturers technical staff and our own engineer who has specialized in water filtration for over two decades.  David Chaikin, BSc Physiology, MSc Biochemical Engineering Research & Technical Consultant prior to joining Aquacare David was with Permutit-Boby, London UK as a water treatment Engineer. Process Engineer Unilever Research, London UK Process Development/Optimization Manager Bulmers Cider, London UK Water Treatment Researcher at Ben-Gurion University, Beersheva Israel.  Developed new water treatment and ultrafiltration processes to remove bacteria, viruses and particles from water.

     Our pricing is unbeatable, for instance our top of the line 5 stage medical grade RO systems that our competition sells for $2200.00, your price is $995.00.  On every component our prices are competitive, but not only this, in many cases we prefer to bump up the capacity of your equipment at no additional cost.  This allows your equipment to breathe easy and get the job done, and it also saves you time and money on salt etc.  We also provide rent to own equipment for those who are not sure they want to purchase their own, or plan to move, or just want to see the difference for themselves before they make a purchase.



If you've got water problems we can solve them.


All equipment comes with a minimum FIVE YEAR WARRANTY.

Lifetime warranties are available on residential equipment.


Robert Gorovenko

403 506 4260


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