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of what you get in a box of laundry detergent is chemical softeners and fillers.  Imagine how much money you would save, if it were only soap?





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Most people don't realize that they are already paying a good amount of cash out of their pockets for water treatment in their homes.  According to the Income Bureau of Labor Statistics, 15% - 20% of the average families supermarket purchases are spent on cleaning products.  Cleaning products designed to treat the water.

Laundry detergent contains:

50% water softening agents

33% buffers and fillers

10% soap

7% corrosion inhibitors

1% whiteners.

     Laundry detergent is designed to chemically soften water so it can clean, as with other cleaning products.  Rather than remove the root problem, which is hardness in the water, the chemical companies would rather you purchase their cleaning products.  It's a massive cash cow, BILLION of dollars are spent each year to convince you about Tide, Cheer, Sunlight, Spic & Spam, Calgon, Cascade, Ivory, ad nauseum.  Those who buy these products pay for the ads.  According to the industry, about 40% of the cost of a box of soap is chemical water softeners, 25% is advertising costs, 15% is packaging and retail mark-up, 10% distributors, and only 10% of the cost is the soap.  But the story of cleaning products takes a vicious turn when investigated by health professionals.

     Hulda Clarke Ph.D. N.D., a research scientist and author has noted the link between disease and chemicals in cleaning products. Among these chemicals is isopropyl alcohol which Dr. Clarke suggests is a large contributor to disease.  Dr. Clarke emphatically teaches that by removing unwanted metals and chemicals, eliminating parasites, drinking plenty of purified water (keep your body cleaned out), and eating proper chemical free and parasite free foods for nutrition, the human body is able defeat disease.

     Not only is it a matter of exposing the body to harmful chemicals when using cleaning products.  Minerals and impurities lodge themselves in the fibers of clothing when laundered in a chemical-hard water soup.  Under the microscope, minerals and soap curds are seen lodged in the fibers of the clothing.  The same fabric washed in refined water is free of these minerals and curds, many people are sensitive to cleaning products and cannot use them due to their skin reaction.  After a refiner is installed in the home it takes several washing with purified water to remove the soap curd and hard minerals that are lodged in the fabric of the clothes.  Clothing that is laundered in un-refined tap water and chemical soaps wear out 20-40% faster than they do in refined water.  Depending on the size of the family, shortening the lifespan of clothes this much is also another blow to the bank account.

     Chlorine is used in nearly all dishwashing detergents, and of course many people report having headaches, fatigue, burning eyes, and difficulty breathing when exposed to even small amounts of chlorine.  The US National Research Counsel has no information on the toxic effects for a large percentage of synthetic chemicals listed by the EPA.  Fewer than 20% have been tested for acute effects, and fewer than one tenth for chronic reproductive or mutagenic effects.  Three year old Jasson Whitley died a lingering and horrible death two weeks after swallowing 3 ounces of hair conditioner.  Hair conditioner contains ammonia.  Adrian Gonzales, seven months old, died four days later after he crawled through a puddle of spilled laundry bleach.  Little Adrian got 3rd degree burns over 50 percent of his body and his lungs were also burned.  A handful of dishwasher soap eaten by a one year old girl caused extensive damage to her esophagus that required 8 operations and several months to repair.  Each year 5 to 10 MILLION poisonings are reported in households throughout North America, many are fatal, most of course are children.  These poisonings are the result of accidental ingestion of common household substances found in just about every home, that is, homes that haven't yet installed a water refiner and then are able to use non-toxic cleaning products.

     The Consumer Safety Commission has determined that cleaning products are some of the most dangerous substances in the home.  Take a look around your home and you'll likely find Window cleaner, Bleach, Laundry and Dishwashing detergent, Shampoo etc and these can be lethal poisons for children.  According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, "Of chemicals commonly found in homes, 150 have been linked to allergies, birth defects, cancer, and psychological abnormalities."  Back in 1989 the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health analyzed 2,983 chemical used in personal care products, like soaps, lotions, creams, cosmetics, shampoos, deodorants etc and here are the results.


884 are toxic

778 cause acute toxicity

376 cause skin and eye irritation

314 cause biological mutation

218 cause reproductive disorders

146 cause tumors


     You wouldn't think that our government would allow stores to sell unsafe products, would you? We live in a chemical rich society, chemicals to wash up, chemicals to grow food and chemicals to preserve our food, and of course chemicals in our water so we don't get sick from little bugs in our water.  The chemicals have got to go, so the body can function the way it was meant to.  Installing a high quality chemical free refiner in your home will also allow you to irradiate the chemicals out of your home, because you will be able to clean with much smaller amounts of organic soap... and, just so you know?  We've sourced out an excellent soap supplier that provide you with outstanding results, in fact, all who our filtration systems with wholesome soap and cleaning products, WILL NEVER GO BACK TO CHEMICALS, even if you paid them!




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